Weight Loss Program

Your meal plan will be:

  • Individualised
  • Based on readily available, affordable foods
  • Adaptable for the whole family
  • Food group based combined with a 7 day example which you can adapt


How it works:

A first 1 hour consultation is needed to evaluate your current diet, do weight and body fat percentage measurements, set goals, explain the nutritional implications of any medical problems you might have and discuss weight loss guidelines.   A meal plan will be worked out and emailed to you after the consultation.

An individualised meal plan will be worked out, whether you have any medical problems or none.  The advantage of seeing a dietitian for weight loss, is that your medical problems will be considered when your individual meal plan is worked out.  This includes PCOS/Insulin Resistance, diabetes, sensitivity to certain foods (eg. Lactose, gluten), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or other gut problems, the need for a FODMAP diet, constipation and previous gut surgeries. 

Follow-up consultations of 30 minutes each are highly recommended for successful weight loss.  Your weight loss and body fat percentage change will be monitored, encouragement and accountability is given, guidelines for movement/exercise, new food habits, restaurant guidelines and more will be discussed in these sessions.  Most clients choose to do 2-weekly follow-up appointments (this can also be done virtually/online).